KFFSC Week 11 Wind Up

Fetch and Ferrell discuss the similar stats of Wallace, Cooks, & Kelvin Benjamin , and decide Cooks is the catalyst for fantasy disfunction.

In the money …..66 categories up for grabs in week 11….Fetch dispatches all fear , Crowns Kaepernick as a potential week 11 start. Ferrell ( quoted in August ” Rogers Best Fantasy QB”)   blames Packer QB for all problems,  promotes benching of Cobb.

Ferrell releases Jeff Jacquin curious one page cheat sheet that has propelled Royal Family to the fifth overall position.

The duo breaks down all matchups for the coming week with special attention focused on New England , Detroit,  Oakland , Miami …..and answers most important question of the week,  what do you do if any player on your team is named Matthews!

All this and more in this weeks episode.