Main Event

The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship Main Event is the primary league draft. Up to 600 teams will compete for the state championship title. The eventual Champion will win a grand prize of $15,000, an FFPC bid (for the following league year) valued at $1,850, and a custom trophy valued at $500.

  • Main Event competitors are grouped in 12 team divisions.
  • Teams will play an 11 week head to head schedule and a two week divisional playoff schedule (week 12 & 13) in hopes of earning a bid to the State Championship Round (weeks 14, 15, and 16).
  • All teams play 13 weeks, teams not in the divisional playoffs play unopposed in weeks 12 and 13 to earn a Wild Card Bid into the State Championship round.
  • The top two teams with the best record and the top two teams with the highest total points scored will participate in the Divisional Playoffs in week 12 and 13. The number one seed will play the number four seed while seeds two and three will square off in week 12. Both winners will advance and play in week 13 to determine the Division Champion. The Division Champion wins $1,000 for their victory in week 13. The team or teams earning best head to head record and highest point total through 11 weeks earn $300 for each category and secure an automatic bid to the State Championship round.
  • The number of Wild card bids will be determined by the number of total divisions in the Main Event (I.E. 50 Divisions = 50 Wild Card Bids). These bids will be awarded to the teams with the highest total points earned through week 13 across all divisions that previously have not qualified for the State Championship round via an automatic bid.

Additional questions about the KFFSC will be answered by the Commish (502)523-5057.