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The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship is hands down the best fantasy football experience you could find. Sharpen your skills with the best players in the game, compete at the highest level, and collect the spoils of victory in one or more of our many leagues.

Our live draft events are the largest fantasy football drafts outside of Las Vegas and they’re within a day’s drive of more than half of the United States population. If you want to BE the best, you have to BEAT the best. Answer the challenge and stake your claim to the title of Champion of the KFFSC.

Midway through the KFFSC’s 2016 season we’ve seen some seriously talented players rise to the cream of the crop. We’d like to take a moment to share with you the best of the best in the KFFSC’s Main Event. Here is our current Top 10 point scorers:

  1. Chad Schroeder “Cocktails & Dreams” 1219.55 FFP
  2. Ron Meyer “The Forgotten Man” 1142.60 FFP (-76.95)
  3. Christian Wareikis “Gargamel’s Revenge” 1129.00 FFP (-90.50)
  4. Andrew Howard “Hungry Howies (Red)” 1124.70 FFP (-94.85)
  5. Michael Simon “Michael Simon FF” 1112.60 FFP (-106.95)
  6. Todd Brooks & David Thomason “Brooks (Orange) Thomasson” 1106.35 FFP (-113.20)
  7. Danny Mueller “Ground and Pound 2” 1104.50 FFP (-115.05)
  8. Taylor Casey & Fussy Elmore “Vertical Threat Night Owl” 1101.80 FFP (-117.75)
  9. Jeff Jacquin “Royal Family Sat #6” 1093.25 FFP (-126.30)
  10. Mike Gibson & Ryan Tussey “Montani Semper Liberi Canton” 1085.45 FFP (-134.10)

Along with the KFFSC’s Main event we have several popular Ancillary Leagues that are just as hard fought as the Main Event. These leagues offer a range of prize packages including trips to Las Vegas, high stakes cash prizes, and entry into both the 2017 KFFSC as well as the 2017 FFPC. The leaders in the 2016 Ancillary Leagues through week 7 are:

KFFSC Auction League

Lee Godman & Lance Fossit “Horsetooth Sports”

KFFSC Big Payback

Kristy Franklin & Lisa Powell “Greener Pastures”

KFFSC “I Want Vegas” I

Phil Felty “What Happens in Vegas”

KFFSC “I Want Vegas” II

Jason Conn,  Joey Dorsey, Eddie Osterling, & Aaron Leyser “Team Shocker”

KFFSC Dynasty Keeper League

J.A. Carey “Balls Deep”

KFFSC Bluegrass Bound I

Ray Chung

KFFSC Bluegrass Bound II

Anne Paddock “Breakin A BGB”

KFFSC Bluegrass Bound III

Jeff Jacquin

The KFFSC offers several mid season leagues for players who want to draft throughout the year. These leagues offer prizes packages including round trip airfare and hotel for the 2017 KFFSC Main Event, entry in the KFFSC 2017 Main Event, round trip airfare and hotel for the FFPC’s Main Event weekend in Las Vegas, and entry into the highest stake league the KFFSC has to offer; The Big Payback. Our 5th and final mid season draft has been set for Wednesday, November 2nd kicking off at 10:00 PM EST. The Big Payback Play In 2 offer you the chance to compete for a seat in the 2017 KFFSC Big Payback ($1000 value). This total points league only costs $139 to enter and becomes official when full. To sign up follow the link below and purchase your seat.



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